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wreklessxx: i think you're looking for something that most browsers already have: autocompletion. Opera has it, and firefox and internet explorer also have it. Another option is Roboform. (notice that this is completelly on the wrong section of the forum, might be better to post in the general software discussion section.

Jock Posen:
Hi there - thanks for a great website.  I was wondering whether some bright individual could write a  program entitled "Currency Sign Convertor" (or words to that effect) that loads on boot-up and works with any word-processor/spreadsheet.  On holding down the shift key and pressing the existing currency sign key, the program would toggle through the major world currency signs (dollars, pounds, euros....) and once the required sign was displayed on the screen, the shift key could be released to accept that sign.

@ Jock Posen: Accents.exe can already do exactly that, can be found on this site, just edit the ini file.
@wreklessxx: InformEnter extension in Firefox does a much better job than auto completion.
Both: I believe your requests are a tiny bit off topic here, there is a subfolder in coding snacks called Post New Requests Here.
I'm a newbie in this forum myself and I believe:
-they don't eat human flesh
-they've already been fed


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