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"Invisible clip" ? (Ignore Clip Hotkey)

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...Then maybe they have to copy a bank account number from their password list app, they have to switch off the program. Then switch it on again. Then they don't want to save an image into the clipboard, off again, on again. Another image, etc. Switching it on and off is actually a rather cumbersome "solution" to the situation I was describing. It makes it even more confusing than actually deleting it manually. ...
-Chessnia (April 21, 2017, 03:16 AM)
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I think you have hit the nail on the head there - the work process that one is following needs to be considered. Why would one inflict a confusing process on the user?

So, looking at it as a work process:

* Ergonomically, doing what you are suggesting the user might want to be done here could indeed likely be rather confusing - as you say - and may even induce human error because of that.

* My suggestion would thus be to simplify and to concentrate on one thing at a time - capture everything that one clips, regardless, then periodically review the clips and tick as "Favourite" those clips that one wishes to keep permanently, then delete any/all clips remaining that have not been marked as favourites. That puts them into the clip database's Recycle Bin. One can then permanently delete those clips in the Recycle Bin by emptying the bin.

* So that is what I usually do, except I add on a "belts-and-braces" process step and first review the deleted clips in the Recycle Bin to double-check whether I really did want them deleted. So, I conduct this check, recovering any clips that I decide to retain, and only then do I empty the bin.

* One could otherwise set CHS to auto-delete any non-favourited clips once they have reached/passed a certain age, but I prefer not to use that approach as I wish to control, the deletion process in a more timely fashion, rather than have things blindly auto-deleted at a later time - which also risks having confidential data remain in auto-backups of the clip database.
Scanning/reviewing and checking the list of clips like this requires scrolling the non-favourited clips in the database, which used to be a tedious process for me, due to the slugishness of the scrolling in CHS. However, @mouser recently fixed that, so that CHS is now blazingly fast most of the time and the check-and-delete process can thus be very rapid. It's a doddle.

If one worked in this manner, then being able to toggle CHS On/Off via a hotkey, or something, would thus categorically probably not be a requirement (not mandatory, not highly desirable, and not nice-to-have), and having such a feature could thus arguably be superfluous -  though I am not suggesting by this that the toggle should not be there.

Newly updated beta includes a new customizable hotkey to toggle clipboard capture on and off, which might be useful for scenarios like this.
-mouser (April 20, 2017, 12:21 PM)
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thanks for this mouser, will make use of this

my ideal would be (I think like Chessnia is requesting) a hotkey that would copy selected but not save it in the CHS database. Not sure how, or if, that could be implemented.

A hotkey that would copy selected but not save it in the CHS database
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That should be possible..

Implemented in latest (just uploaded) beta.

* [Improvement] The hotkey that used to be used to trigger a copy even when CHS monitoring is disabled now does double duty, and can be used to tell CHS to trigger a copy and *NOT* store the clip if CHS monitoring is enabled.
(NOTE: There is no default set for this hotkey, you have to go configure it before you can use it).

Note this hotkey behaves differently depending on whether you have CHS clipboard monitoring disabled or enabled.  It basically tells CHS to simulate a Ctrl+C copy event in windows, and then do the OPPOSITE of what you have told it to do on a normal copy event.  So if you have CHS normally enabled and copying all of your clips, this will tell CHS to NOT store this clip; if you have CHS normally ignoring all clips, then this hotkey will tell CHS to store just this one.

That's quite a nifty approach - masking the state and doing the "opposite" thing. I was wondering how to do that using AHK and the problem was that one does not know what state has been toggled to start with, so the state has to be assumed and that is uncertain.
Would it be possible for CHS to broadcast the state that has been toggled - somewhere where AHK could access/read it?
That is, whether the state is:

* CHS normally enabled and copying all of your clips
* CHS normally ignoring all clips
- or would that be written out to ClipboardHelpAndSpell.ini anyway, each time the state is toggled/changed?


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