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Website Realizer on Bits du Jour today 8-29-2011


Steven Avery:

Remember, Bits goes past midnite EST now, till 3AM.

Website Realizer
Create Websites With No Programming Skills

Fairly new no programming web site software, the people who use it
are happy, especially about support and such..  SiteSpinner, WeBuilder
and some others are better known.

The site of the product, built with the software.

Website Realizer

Which has a crisp look and feel.

Anybody use it ?  Your thoughts ?


Steven Avery:
Let's ask the same 5+ years later.  (Same Bits urls.)

Does it make sense to use such a builder?
Compared to WordPress, maybe uploading .doc files.  Dunno. Maybe in some cases.
I'll plan on moving the discussion over to our discussions section.


Have not used Website Realizer and personally would stick to CMSes like WordPress, the possibilities are more and in more modern times arguably even easier


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