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Bug? - Incomplete grabbing of a URL

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Hi Mouser,

First of all, thanks for the great software. I've been using it for years.

I've found some unexpected behaviour though. Could you open the following link in a browser, whilst you've got URL Snooper sniffing?

URL Snooper will then tell me it found a link ""... no mentioning of the rest of the link. Even stranger, when I filter the URLs on the word "callback", that URL still shows up, although it has been truncated by URL snooper, so it isn't even clear why that URL has been identified as a match. But, when I right-click on that match, and do a "Copy link to clipboard", the FULL link is being copied, and not the truncated one.

So, clearly, the link is correctly being sniffed, in full, but it starts going wrong when displaying it on the screen. Am I missing something, is this expected behaviour? Let me know if you would have a hard time reproducing it, I'll post a screenshot.


If you wouldn't mind, a screenshot would help clarify the issue.

Ok, I've encircled the culprit in red. As you can see, URL Snooper doesn't show the full link. It only seems to display the beginning of the link. Take notice as well of the fact that I have been filtering on the word "callback". Which filters out that particular link, although the main screen doesn't give you any hint on why there was a match. It's only when you check the full packet content, that one starts to understand why.

And still, when right-clicking, "copy URL", it is the full URL which is being copied, and not the truncated one which is being displayed.

Thanks that helps -- I agree it shouldn't be doing that.. I will fix.  :up:

Can you try the latest beta and let me know if it's fixed?
Link at top of this page:


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