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cannot find folder c:\bin or files in c:\bin\ using folder match


Some folders are not found/matched by FARR when I type the name in the searchfield e.g.


this file exists, but there are no results in the result window. FARR is busy searching other folders, the \bin folder is not even shown in the status line at the bottom of the farr window.

But when typing without the lowercase b, the folder and file is found e.g.


or using an upper case B


both immediately result in


I don't have to type the full path, it also works when I type only the beginning of the path in the searchfield.

Has this to do with '\b'=Backspace ?

Please help! Thanks in advance :)

Best Regards
wjamoe (NL)   

how strange... that's definitely a valid theory, though it shouldn't be the case..
i'll check and report.

Just following up -- I cannot reproduce the problem -- it makes me think you have some other alias or directory modifier that must be interfering.


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