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The Bat! Professional, 50% off (until tomorrow)


Here, here:
Bits du Jour

Thanks for posting this -- lots of dc visitors/members ask about a discount for thebat.. I hope they see this in time.

Thanks for the heads up!

I was a legit user of The Bat! lonng time ago (version 2.xx), but fooled for their greedy license system, forcing to pay in every major upgrade (and changing this first number too many often for minimal changes).

Some time I read (I think what in this forum) a user of Total Commander bragging about his license buyed 15 years ago is still valid today for new versions. THAT is good product support.

Also, it won't pay the bills.

Must have been extended -- still 11.5 hours to go as of this post.

I got it the last time it was on offer, only installed it lately and havent done anything much with it.
Setting up imap with gmail was really efficiently done, I'm happy so far.


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