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problems with windows clipboard


I use Ditto many years ago.
In the portatil and the desktop.
Recently I have problems with the windows clipboard and autocad 2016. When I select a portion of the drawing when I paste is a rectangle of the size of the complete drawing and a small graphic piece like a bitmap that distortion when zoomed.
I can't edit that graphic drawing.
Happen in my desktop under windows 8.1
Don't happen in my portatil with windows 8.1
Also I download DraftSight , a similar program to work in 2D. Happen the same with this program. so the problem is with the windows clipboard, not with autocad 2016. In fact I have obtained no answer in the autodesk forums...
So I would like :

1) Real substitutes of the windows clibboard
2) How can I manage the windows clipboard configuration to solve my problem ?

Best Regards

I have determined is Ditto in the desktop.
I have the consult in the ditto forum waiting for an answer.
The strange thing is that in the laptop don't happen.
In the desktop I have installed ditto in the system (in the laptop is portable version) and the late version. Laptop is not the last version....


How did you get on with Tranglos's Ethervane Echo as a replacement for Ditto ?

Edit// I see Ditto is still in development, so may be a better choice

Why not try my Clipboard Help and Spell?

Why not try my Clipboard Help and Spell?
-mouser (January 25, 2017, 10:49 AM)
--- End quote ---

Very good/useful suggestion!    :Thmbsup:


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