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how to find out what's mysteriously eating HD space (file sync)

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The possibilities that spring to my mind are:

* Are both HDDs formatted using the same filesystem? (Does that filesystem support large files?)
* Do you have "Compress this drive to save disk space" enabled on one or both drives?
I recently-ish discovered that enabling drive compression kept causing my source code repositories to become corrupted. The problem plagued me for over a year and I had to keep pulling a fresh copy of my repo from BitBucket because my local copy kept getting corrupted. I even bought a new HDD because I thought the corruption was a sign that my old one was failing. So now, with multi-terabyte drives becoming ubiquitous and relatively inexpensive, I would recommend to keep this option disabled to avoid rare problems like what I experienced.

@MilesAhead: ah, good to know.

@Deozaan: yes, both are the same. No, never was a fan of that.  8)


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