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Requires Solution for Windows 7


Hello all,

I am using Windows 7 from last three years and the system is working fine. Today morning, when I connect my 2TB external hard drive to copy some of my files to the Windows system, the system did not show any data on it. Can anyone please suggest me the solution which can resolve my issue.

This post on Windows 7 forums might be a good place to start:

If that approach does not work you might post there as the regular posters are very savvy solving Windows 7 problems.  I haven't used Windows 7 in a few years so I am starting to forget the solutions.  I can remember having the same thing happen to me on a 1 TB WD drive in a USB docking station.  But I did not find any solution other than a slow format to get the use of the drive back.  The error I got was actually that the drive was not recognized.  How the formatting info would disappear I do not know.

Happily your issue is more likely to have a fix.  :)

This worked for me (sorry if it's same as Miles', no time to compare)

Toshiba external hard drive not visible Windows 7 - Microsoft Community


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