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NANY 2017: CSearcher - A simple and fast free non-indexing search program.

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But I confess I set a goal in my mind when I decided to ask for donations that was that one day I could have enough donations and grab that money and take my family to a good lunch on a weekend.
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Ok fellow DonationCoder members, it seems to me the least we can do is help Hugo achieve this modest goal.-mouser (May 08, 2017, 01:35 PM)
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okay, that all prompted me to get my act together and download latest version and finally make CSearcher start with windows. And make a donation.

hugo nabais:

I would like to thank all the donations I received.  :Thmbsup:
I will not thank anyone in particular because I am sincerely grateful to everyone. I know that each one donated what he could and what he thought was right!

Yesterday I had a mountain of emotions, from being discouraged to having received one donation so far, to a state of total joy when seeing a generous set of donations that allowed me to reach precisely the goal that I had imagined for this project.
Now I do not have this excuse to be unmotivated :)
One of these weekends I'm going to take my family for a walk and have lunch in a nice place, and I'm going to tell them about CSearcher and that the lunch was a reward, due to the donations people made to value this work. (I hope that my wife, who says I spend to much of my free time on the computer, gives me a break)

I would also like to say that although I did not find the time to do it until now, I will look for other interesting projects here at DonationCoder. And those with whom I identify myself and find useful, I will make a point of donating part of my balance to them, and give back to this comunity.

I think this is the bug you are experiencing. I will fix it in a new release I'm preparing.
-hugo nabais (May 09, 2017, 04:11 AM)
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Ok fellow DonationCoder members, it seems to me the least we can do is help Hugo achieve this modest goal.
I've sent Hugo a donation -- I hope you others will as well.  Just click on the gold coin under his name.-mouser (May 08, 2017, 01:35 PM)
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Done.  Enjoy your lunch!

hugo nabais:
I like to use regular expressions in general, and also with CSearcher, but I've always found hard to remember the Regex Syntax.
To fix this I've create a new small form  :D
Now when you select Regex mode and press the add button you have a nice form explaining regular expressions and a built in tester  :)

Also I've also added a requested feature:

And fixed some bugs!

As always any suggestions or comments are welcome.

Here it is:
Version (May 16, 2017)
[new]   New form when adding regex patterns. It has detailed explanation of Regex patters and a Regex expression tester.
[new]   New option (menu Option) to limit Max depth of subfolder search
[fix]   Fixed bug when always on top was checked, other dialog forms were not always on top and could not be accessed
[fix]   Fixed bug on add patterns form when adding empty patterns
[fix]   Fixed warning display bug sometimes showing while searching

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