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Process Tamer - New 2.14 Beta (win32 AND x64 version) - Feedback wanted

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Well, if you wanted to minimise changes/work and keep PT small and fast - AS-IS - then adding the parameter functionality could possibly obviate 2 of the 3 things I requested above:

* Start-up PT in quiescent (Inactive) mode.
* Configuration saves (and loads).
- as they could then perhaps be done via an AHK interface.

However the third:

* Restart specified processes at timed/periodic intervals.- would not be quite so simple, though again, it could probably be achieved with AHK in some way.

^^ My comment above:
Having just re-read the discussion on NANY 2015 Release - Splat (Simple Program Launching and Termination), I belatedly realised that, by intelligent use of SPLAT we might be able to arrive at the same ends and achieve Nirvana and avoid functional duplication in/with ProcessTamer - to a greater extent, at least.

So, PT could remain "lean and mean".

What do you think?    :tellme:

I was prompted to post this comment here after reading the discussion at ProcessTamer-Setting process priority not working with Windows 10?.

I am still running the latest ProcessTamer v2.14.01 x64 ß (as a Portable app.), with no problems.
One interesting point is that I have observed one annoyingly persistent Win10 system process that seems to be either:

* (a) escaping being shut down by PT for some reason, or
* (b) (and more probably) it is being shut down properly, but a "ghost" of its Notification icon temporarily remains in the Systray. The process is LocationNotificationWindows.exe (set to Force Kill).
The app is not found as a running process in Process Hacker, and never seems to appear in the Systray proper, only appearing in the clickable > sign in the Systray. When I left-click on the > sign, the app icon (a circle with a solid dot on the middle) is shown momentarily and then disappears.

PT seems to be correctly repeatedly killing the app when it is started (it apparently cannot be turned off even though location awareness reporting is disabled in Settings), but Windows is continually trying to restart it. I would suppose that its Systray icon is maybe not being expunged from the (hidden) Systray display buffer, even after the app has been killed.


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