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Windows 10: C: (SSD) usage is 100%

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a few days after Windows 10 installed its Anniversary update I noticed in the task manager that C: is used 100% virtually constantly, writing about 3 MB/s continually. A reboot didn't help. It's not Windows Defender and I couldn't find any other task to blame. According to the task manager it's "System" that's doing this (while mostly using 1-2% CPU time).

How to fix this... Any ideas? I don't believe this can be good for the SSD.

Is your OS 64 bit or 32 bit?  Do you have Windows Search enabled?  If so you might try disabling it to see if the indexing is pegging the drive access.

Also I would post on

A lot of regular posters there are in the Windows Insider program and have been updating W10 from the beginning of the first trials.  Someone may have a solution there.

I had the same problem just yesterday.  I did the following - don't know which fixed it.

1. Disable Windows Search - from an elevated command prompt, type net.exe stop "Windows search".  You'll have to go into the services applet to disable it permanently, but that should stop it for long enough for you to see if it is just that.  It wasn't for me, but after some thought, I went ahead and disabled it anyway because of my third piece of advice below.

2. Disable Superfetch.  I remembered something about this from when w10 first came out.  Similarly to the above, the command is net.exe stop superfetch.  Same applies as above if you want to make this permanent.

3. After I did the above, I didn't notice a difference.  So I ran chkdsk, and disabled both of the above permanently before I rebooted for the chkdsk.  command, just for completeness: chkdsk.exe /r

After that ran, the usage stopped after reboot.  Again, not sure which step fixed it... I guess I could have done it more scientifically, but I wasn't doing it for science.  ;D


After posting I had hibernated my system, C: usage still at 100% when I did so. When I woke it up again many hours later, C: usage dropped to (close to) 0% right away. So weird...

Thank you for your specific suggestions! I'll try those once/ if the 100% thing returns.

I don't run Windows 10 but came across this today:


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