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cursor over image makes image blank out...why?

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This never used to happen up until a few years ago. But more and more nowadays, whenever I hover my mouse cursor over a picture, the picture goes blank and is replaced by the size -such as for example '1300 x 957'- and reappears when I move the cursor away again. If it is an anti-copying or anti-copyright infringement feature, it sucks because I can still copy and paste it just as easy. All it accomplishes to me is to boost the annoyance factor. So anyways, why do they do that?

with which software? and OS info might be helpful

To me it sounds like you are using a browser, with particular add-on installed, that makes this happen. Add-on specifically intended for web-design might be configured in such a way that you see information about the image instead of the image when hovering over an image. Helpful for a web-designer, not so much for a user interested in only the content.

Unless you give us much more specific details about what you were doing and with what, every comment/suggestion/possible cause you read in this thread will be like trying to hit a flying bat in a pitch dark room...

Firefox has an addon that let's you resize a displayed image by dragging the cursor across the image to decrease  or increase the resolution.

Doing it correctly the first time plays a big role in whether the image goes blank. Then you have to refresh.

Thank you for the sugs. Lemme see...(mumble mumble). Here's some of the info...
OS is WinXP on a Celeron 4; a little slow but not as bad as all that...I can play back vids from YT smoothly but only if I download them first and play them back on VLC. I realize how pathetic that sounds, but it is better than nothing and almost never freezes up or crashes.
The vanishing pix problem shows in both Pale Moon & SeaMonkey in Duckduckgo; I never use Google and it always rejects me anyways.
Problem also appears on various or random web pages.
I have very few add-ons to the above two browsers; the machine is a freebie hand-me-down, so that could mean something installed by previous owner (a relative).
So IOW, you're saying you don't experience this problem yourselves, and/or it is unique to my machine. Well that's something worth knowing anyways; I thought everyone was getting it.


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