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Help with Visual studio 6 "crash" and lost changes


I was using Visual studio 6 (don't ask), and after 4 hours of updating my code and being done (not using sourcesafe nor any other versioning system), I closed the IDE and answered "NO" to 'save changes' by accident.

I now face the prospect of having to recreate all changes from memory.

I didn't do the periodic file > save project.

Remember, I'm a vim guy and don't like IDEs. I would never expect and IDE from microsoft be so dumb that it doesn't automatically save a backup.

Question: are there any temporary files for "current project" that I could check? Any visual studio gurus around?

Times like these make me think: (1) not to touch a M$ product again for anything important like coding. (2) install some kind of real time mirroring (I have daily backups with syncbackSE, but clearly not good if you lose one day of work (!).
Thanks a lot

sorry for your suffering urlworlf!
things like this can be so traumatic i know.. i've been brought to tears from less.

i don't have any specific help regarding visual studio - but best advice would be don't start the program again, and go to the temp directory in windows and look for recent files.

if you cannot find recovery files, my best meta advice is this: just hold your nose and dive right in and redo the code you lost.  the sooner you do it, the fresher it will be in your mind, and the sooner you can put it behind you as a bad memory/lesson.  the longer you put it off the more it will haunt you.  then tell yourself never again to spend more than 15 minutes in ANY program without saving a copy.

And if you're going to be using VS6 much, you might want to consider this autosave add-in:

I'm no a user so I can't vouch for it, but you get the source so it can't be all bad...


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