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computer not recognizing scanner

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Well if it has a win10 driver then it should work, i wouldn't give up on it yet.  try another cable would be the first thing.

Now one technique that has worked in the past with usb devices is to connect it, go to device manager (show hidden devices), then find the entry for it, and DELETE the entry.  then remove and replug and let it find the driver again.  this can fix a problem where the wrong driver was associated with the scanner.

Stoic Joker:
I get where you're coming from, but he's already tried it using 2 different cables, on 3 different machines. So most likely there is either a procedural error being made during the install, or the device is borked.

There are some USB devices that require the software install be running when the device is plugged in so it can modify how the device is interpreted by the OS during driver/device installation. So if you just plug in the device and try to feed it a driver, it will never get the (software installer's) help that it needs to be identified properly. But since I'm inclined to assume TechiDave already knows that ... My guess is that the device is borked.

Sorry guys, I thought I had already responded to this thread.

I did end up getting it to work on win 7, haven't tried it on win 10.  I changed the usb cable out with another one(new I believe) and it started working.

thanks for all the help and tips.



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