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computer not recognizing scanner

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I have a Epson Perfection V500 Photo scanner that I cannot get the computer to recognize.  I have tried it on 3 different model of computers, 2 different USB cable and all I get is "Unknown Device".  I have tried different USB ports too. 
I have tried different OSs, win 7 and 10 64 bit.  It was working on a win 10 computer that was upgraded from Win 7.  But unfortunately that computer bit the dust.

I have downloaded the latest drivers from the Epson site and also have used the Cd that came with the scanner. 

We also have a Epson Perefection V600 Photo Scanner with the same issues.

I can plug other USB devices like a mouse and it works fine.

any ideas?

This helped me in the past:

If no OS recognizes those devices, maybe they're just f*cked.
Like, there was all that talk about "BadUSB" a few months back... perhaps those devices got pwned? Or somebody just tried to update their firmwares and it failed?

I don't think it's likely that the devices are bad.. but i believe i did have a good epson scanner that epson simply decided they didnt want to support anymore, and i could never get it recognized under win7/win10 because there was no updated driver for it.  there may be a generic solution to such cases but i never found one.

Stoic Joker:
Well... Epson's site says it's Win10 compatible...without any conditions. So assuming that the software and driver combo was installed prior to the scanner being connected. If the device still is not being properly recognized. I gotta go with Jill on this one, it sounds like the device is borked.

When was the last time either one of the scanners worked?


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