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Please, how do I make formatted lists?

Is there an area, or a separate how-to file, that lists how to use features like [color=, [url=, etc.?


Carol Haynes:

For bulletin board code (not including some of the extensions mouser has added) try:;page=post#bbcref

There is actually a help button (next to Forum Home) for SMF forums but the Help button on the button bar has been removed (Mouser ???)

there is a button in the post form that looks like dots and dashes - this is the list button.
i've actually modified it to make it far easier to use - just write some items, each on their own line, then select them all and hit this button to create a formatted list.

Carol Haynes:
I have added a new sticky topic with the original SMF help pages onto the Help & Guidance forum here.

By the way the list button doesn't work properly for me ...

I typed:


Selected all three lines and hit the button and it produced:

--- ---[list]
which yields

* item


* OK.
* Thanks Mouser
* Thanks CarolHaynes!
Looks like the "dot-dash" button method doesn't work on it's own, and probably it can't because it can't know how many items there are in the list?  You have to bracket each line with (li) and (/li) to get bullets (using round brackets instead of square ones so it doesn't think that's a list as well).

I see you can get two-tier bullets too, but I think I'll have to read the manual for that.


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