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Freeze projector display

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Projectors have a "FREEZE" option to freeze the display in spite of any change in the laptop display. But, that is a projector feature and needs to be accessed through the projector remote.
I am a teacher and I go to various colleges and use different projectors for my classes. I need to use the freeze option constantly, but sometimes, in some colleges the remote is not available.
So, I was checking out if the display can be frozen by the laptop system, instead of projector. But it is a tedious workaround.
So, I request for a software which can freeze the projector display, using a button/keyboard shortcut on the laptop.


Well, as there is no communication from the computer to the projector, other than the screen-contents through the (probably) VGA cable, you can't sent commands to the projector. Unless some manufacturer has added that feature to the projector. And then it would most likely be proprietary and the software would/should be delivered with the projector. Highly unlikely you'll find this on your range of projectors.

The advice given all over the internet (as you linked and more) is to use the projector as an extended screen, Powerpoint will by default use that to display the presentation on even when PP itself is on the main screen, and once you minimize PP, or give focus to another application on the main screen, you can continue different work there while the projector is happily displaying the original content.
To switch the external monitor to be used as an extended desktop, use the <Win>-P keyboard combo, and select the desired output mode. Works with 99.99%+ of all laptops, AFAIK. Once extended you can configure the resolution for the projector using the standard Windows Screen Resolution configuration screen item, if it's not set correctly by Windows while detecting the external 'monitor'.

But, I don't use Powerpoint. I mostly use OneNote. Sometimes, other math software like Geogebra too.
Will it still work?

That depends on both your use and the software:
If you need to work in the same application, but it doesn't support multiple instance or multiple concurrent documents open then no, it won't work.
If you only switch applications then you just need to drag/move it to the desired monitor, and you can work independently.

Well, I did some searching, en even though there was a thread here on this forum with a somewhat similar request (the output had to be mirrored on a second monitor) the tool presented there has disappeared for as far as I searched :(

I did find a commercial tool called Ultramon that does have mirroring and a freeze option.

Another contender in this market is Actual Multiple Monitors, that has a mirror feature but I can't find a freeze feature there.

Also, competitor Display Fusion does have some display mirror features, but I couldn't find much info on the website, and again nothing about any freeze feature.

Maybe a feature request for AMM or DF is feasible, but there's always a 30 day trial period, and you can have Actual Multiple Monitors for 'free' using TrialPay.

(NB: No connections to Realtimesoft, Actual tools or Binary fortress here.)


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