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Looking for smartphone

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Any suggestion for the best phone with longest battery and NFC?-kalos (September 14, 2018, 12:35 PM)
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I believe you are in the UK.  If so, then:

* Visit your local newsagent or supermarket, and buy a copy of the latest issue of UK magazine Computer Shopper, hot off the press, Issue 369 dated Nov 18.
* Read, mark, learn and inwardly digest the article "Avoid the smartphone rip-off: 18 low cost phones that get you high-end specs."
* Make your choice, accepting that whatever you do will be imperfect and temporary.

Make your choice, accepting that whatever you do will be imperfect and temporary.-rjbull (September 14, 2018, 05:28 PM)
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sage advice there rj :Thmbsup: :D

Not necessarily related to K's query: read a review/article lately comparing the Xaomi Pocophone favourably with the Samsung S9 -- Xiaomi's $300 Pocophone Vs. Samsung's $1,250 Galaxy Note 9: It's Closer Than You'd Think (Forbes)

This more commentary than anything else:

A friend asked for a phone recommendation.
I bought the Moto G6 myself a while back, I love it and would recommend it to anyone (note I dont use it for games), apart from the fact it has a glass back, that on mine is already broken in two places. In fairness I like to use minimal protection/cover and have dropped it a few times. It is still usable with a silicon cover. Next time round though I'll try get something with a metal or plastic back.

So anyways, I was looking for alternatives, am surprised how few other good recommendations I've found in that price class (say 150 to 200 euro). I'm looking for a phone for the European market, a phone whose warranty is valid in the same market, ideally a phone bought from a German seller to ease return if necessary. What really surprised me was that on German amazon (.de) there are a *lot* of phones from eastern Europe, Russia, from the US being sold without any indication that they are not for the German market; many of them have no warranty here.
More disturbing is that there seems to be a lot of B-ware (and worse) being sold as new (again no indication). I'm starting to think amazon is not the place to buy a phone... (or if so, to buy very carefully).

Amazon and ebay are risky and some sellers are the same on both sites and put the product up for sale in both places, at least that's definitely the case in North America.
Thinking about condition/quality and location of product (ebay listing outright lying) it is best to avoid expensive tech from them. I have had no problem buying cheap tech (like hdmi cable) and other stuff like books but phones or such nope.

I've been quite happy with the Nokia 6.1 (64 GB model) I bought last year. I searched on and found the 32 GB model here that should fit the budget. I assume you can pick a different color for a similar price, if desired.
It has a decent processor and quit fair battery life (2+ days on light use), and all modern stuff like usb-c, 3.5mm audioplug, no notch and a (fast) fingerprint scanner on the back.


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