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You can now publish traditional Win32 apps on Windows App Store

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I'm not completely thrilled with this move towards app stores, but it seems to be the unstoppable trend that cannot be resisted for long.

Microsoft has a Windows App Store that they are strongly pushing and they for the first time just released tools to help developers publish traditional Win32 apps on their App Store.

* More info here:

Listen, when it comes to my iPhone... the App Store is fucking unstoppable. I LOVE not having to worry about having the latest updates for my mobile apps (gosh, I remember those Windows Mobile days.. what a nightmare!).

When it comes to my Windows PC,  they can pry my portable software from my cold, dead, and decomposing hands.    After 20 years, I believe I have perfected my data setup.

C:\ - System drive only
D:\ - Data drive (Applications for music,   music, movies etc)

I make a tuned but 'clean' copy of Windows and back it up with Acronis TrueImage every time a new major version of Windows comes out (10, anniversary edition, etc). I store everything on D:\Applications, and 98% of my apps are portable so if I lose the system, my data is complete

If my system gets a virus or corrupted, I restore the acronis image. If I get crytolockered, my bitlockered drive has a monthly backup of everything.

If my entire system catches on fire, I have an emergency offsite drive that stores everything as a 3 month backup.

The app store interferes with this system. Also, a lot of of my older windows apps are no longer maintained, so they will never go on a app store.

i think i am in agreement with you.. for mobile, the app store has been a good thing.  for desktop.. it concerns me.

I joined the "project centennial" list but never managed to get any decent information out of them. It's not just converting (wrapping) the software to be included in the store, there are all sorts of other things, e.g. licensing, that will probably need to change completely for existing shareware programs

Yeah that's what I'm not looking forward to exploring.


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