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IDEA: Generic windows command line gui builder

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I'm not a coder obviously but have used autohotkey to make a gui I need for a cli program. It would be nice to have a generic gui builder that allows radio button groups, edit and drop down lists, etc. and that's about it. What I would really like is to be able to graphically choose options for any of these gui widgets by right clicking on these widgets, not typing in code. So for instance if I select a radio group to place on the form, place it, right click it, and fill in the radio button name/command line for each button, done. So it's basically using forms instead of writing code, which prevents a lot of looking up autohotkey (for instance) syntax for all commands which is major time consuming especially if I make a gui once a year. I have to start from scratch again, but with the form asking me what to fill in, it's a lot faster.

And if it worked a bit sideways? A gui that helps you configure a generic gui-for-a-cli-program? Where you select the parameters and their meaning + possible values. And the generic gui presents the screen of configured options and runs the cli for ya'.
It would end up being written in AutoIt3, if done by me, but would be the perfect NANY-2017 chore for me :)

would the AHK smart GUI script do what you want?

Ooh! That looks like it might be rather nifty.

If you look in this forum there are a few similar to how Delphi forms were done, although usually smaller in scope:

I haven't run this one to see what the designer looks like.  But the code is fairly recent:


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