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No matter what channel I use, or what programs, my firewall detects some port scanning,... and it's not the port that the IRC server should be using. (e.g., 3128)

You need to differentiate between your connection to the IRC server and the server's proxy check. The IRC server is checking to see if you are a proxy server. It should not effect your ability to connect.

Most IRC servers do open proxy scanning now, which is what you're experiencing. This is done because an amount of malware installs open proxies, which scriptkiddies can then use to connect to the net via your computer, and thus be more or less anonymous. The same kind of malware also tends to connect to irc which can then be used as a control channel.

That's why open proxy scanning is done. Then, why does your firewall flag it? Because scriptkiddies also do open proxy scanning, to see if there's some victims they can abuse. Pretty lame that it's being blocked as  "malware-Phatbot" when it should be "proxy scan" or similar.

What is IRC? How to config/use it?...

Here's a well-written IRC tutorial to get you started  :)

here is another link, but this is Miranda-specific..



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