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Directory Opus 12 Released

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Remember, Windows has also been on an upgrade treadmill. 

The changes between versions of Windows may not be as big as they once were, but DOpus does need to keep up, if only in the 'visuals'. (Hang on, does DOpus 'do' visuals?)

Changes in Windows are often in areas where DOpus is most active and useful, menus and folders and stuff. It has to keep up there or it dies.

For a real guide to the churn factor, I'd map DOpus versions on to Windows versions.

^ beginning with an update to version 8-Curt (September 10, 2016, 03:17 AM)
--- End quote ---

FTFY  ;)

As long as there is no push to a new version of Dopus, how relevant is the period between new versions? And if the "grace period" for upgrading your existing license is indefinite...there is no added pressure on existing price conscious license holders to upgrade (I didn't see this on the official directory opus upgrade webpage).

michaelkenward is right about the 'under-the-hood' changes of Windows 10, which could negatively affect the functionality/performance from earlier Dopus versions. Better to be ready and prepared for this. The added functionality does warrant a new version number for Dopus in my eyes.

In short, I don't see much problems if there are 30 months between version instead of the 36 months suggested here. Didn't find that tidbit of information not on their website, admittedly I wasn't looking too hard for this info. Nothing to get your panties in a twist about it.

I used 9 for a long time after 10 was out.  Didn't upgrade until 11.  There's no push to upgrade or anything, in my experience.


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