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free game for blogger if you write a review (positive or negative)


we've talked recently about the evil of paying bloggers to say good things about a product,
but in this case this seems reasonable doesn't it?

here is someone who just wants some help spreading the word, and he will give you a full version if you write a review of the game, positive or negative.

of course it's a big hard to imagine why you would want a free version if you don't like it..

the point is, this seems fine to me since it doesn't require any misleading or bad behavior.

I want to spread the word about my games - I want people to play and enjoy them. I’d love to make loads of money out of them but at the moment that’s unlikely, so just getting people to download the demo version is good enough.
I also like feedback. Most of the feedback I’ve had for my games has been from other game developers so getting the opinions of gamers - my actual audience - would be great.
The idea is that people download a game from Binary Sun, and post a review on their blog. As a thank you I will give the reviewer a full version of the game they post about. I don’t mind whether the review is positive or negative, as long as it’s either constructive.

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You know, good or bad, a review with a link to his site raises his google ranking... so he wins either way.

But giving away a free copy in exchange for an unbiased review isn't that bad of a marketing idea.

'unbiased' is the keyword here.

Plus a bad review lets him know what to improve.

And the eyes of a developer isn't the same as a user, so a review from a user is much more useful, since you code games for users, not other developers.


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