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emulating the tablet launching feel on a Windows 7 puter


Steven Avery:
One advantage of a tablet in terms of daily practicality is that you can easily set up what we can call "launch pages" around a specific theme. (Business, Travel, Bible study, etc.) And in those launch pages you can combine native "Apps" with web browser pages. (In an iPad you do the web pages in Safari by morphing a web page into the Home Page screen and from there moving it anywhere, although in terms of the resulting icon there seems to be some gotchas.)  It seems like 7 pages in Android and 11 pages in Ios (and real estate is increased when you group buttons together as well, so you have a button with five airlines. This is especially helpful for occasional use areas.)

Historically Windows puters are a little funky in trying to give you such launch pages.  So this is some of the Microsoft push with their Windows 8 and 10 and puters like the Surface thing that try to bridge Apps and Windows. (As I understand.)

I still greatly prefer Windows 7 over Windows 10 for heads-down work.  However, I would like to emulate this type of hybrid launch pages into Windows 7.  Historically this has been limited on the browser side, because a browser can not easily launch a program. On the Windows side, I do use "Pin to Taskbar" and Classic Shell to make it easy to find frequently used programs. Visually though, that gives very little. It is not that type of visual spur you get when you have a nicely-designed launch page.

Do you have a recommended way to go a step further.  One of the launch programs?  Can we get a pseudo-desktops that are launch pages in the tablets where each one has a theme or two, and we can quickly go in and out of the launch environment?  (Like you do with the button in ipad or the home icon on Android.)

How do you increase your comfort, esthetics, happiness and productivity in this way?  Do you succeed when you go to Windows 10.1 and drink the kool-aid?



Steven Avery:
Maybe. I have not gotten involved with Stardock (if that is the one you mean)  but it might be something to work with.

Rainmeter has a prototype or something like that with a skin called Winpad


Switching gears, does the iPad (or Android) have a page index system possible (maybe using widgets).  Ipad allows 11 pages, and it has that funny thing where it places icon up toward the top. (You can not place them with spaces.)  So a pseudo-index page would be nice. It might be one screen, or a half-screen, and you could name each page.  Granted, we have another section for this type of question. The OS would have to allow a "Go to Pages" function.  Or allow an appropriate Macro.



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