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T-clock reviews

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Recommended at ILoveFreeSoftware today:

Download T-Clock here:

well... they used the old, or rather Stoic's, version ;)
So it's not looking that good to me^^ (especially since the first start setup got improved to have a more native look.. and not that weird single-line one..)

I LOVE T-clock.
Vision problems make it just the perfect solution.
Image is how I format mine.
Using WhiteTigX version, tho not the most recent.  It works fine.

T-clock reviews

Greetings from Russia. It took a very easy clock, used T-clock with the removal of unnecessary files for me. Left only Clock64.exe, T-Clock64.dll and Clock.wav.
All program settings are at a minimum. I'm satisfied with the work, thank you very much.

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T-clock reviews


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