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Logitech Unifying software permanently alters mouse firmware? How to revert it?

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* I recalled that whilst I had been browsing the Logitech support site I had seen some downloadable software called "Options" for the M185 mouse, that I did not recall seeing on the corresponding web pages for the M215 or M515. I had downloaded and briefly looked at this, but it was not the  software to manage a unifying dongle and so I had discarded it. Fortunately, I had been taking lots of notes as I went and so I turned to my OneNote Notebooks and located my notes on the M185 mouse and used the support pages link to get back to the software download page for that mouse. There it was: the file Options_3.40.25.exe from the M185 downloads page
-IainB (July 21, 2016, 04:54 AM)
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Thank you for this discovery. I encountered the exact same problem today and this is the only place with a working solution.

Even though this is an old thread I've decided to reply because my experience using the Options software was a bit different. I am using a M185 mouse. Once run, Options reported that couldn't support M185 and prompted me to download SetPoint (which I'd already done and was a complete waste of time: SetPoint is just crap software -apparently it is not even supported by Logitech itself; the official download link is broken). So, Options never detected the M185 mouse. Nevertheless, the mouse paired with its old receiver and started working! This happened automatically just after I executed the Options software.

Having said that, I must say this is a very frustrating situation, totally unexpected from the end user's perspective and a total shame for a company such as Logitech.


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