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DONE: Sync Network Folder Contents as Shortcuts

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I have all of my mp3s on a server, and I have tried to have FARR search for my mp3s, but the fact that it's on a not-cutting-edge wireless network means that the search is a bit slow as it works its way through the files.  (There's a lot of them). 

What I'd like to do is sync folders (I realize there are tons of apps that do this),
BUT only sync the files as SHORTCUTS.  That way, when I'm looking for a song (or any file) that's elsewhere, I can find it in shortcut form locally, and deal with the network after the fact.

I know there might be apps that do this already, but a quick look around didn't turn any up.


Just to clarify, I want it this way so that I can still use FARR, so it doesn't help to use other indexing search apps that create their own databases, and I'd like it to sync so I can add mp3s to my server, and automatically have a shortcut to them without having to keep track of new files myself.

this is actually a really cool idea.. i wonder if any programs exist for this already..


This is a AHK script that might do what you want, but I dont have a network to test here.

'Make a Shortcut'

To Use:
Create a folder where you want to keep all these Shortcuts
ie, My Documents\My Music Shortcuts\
Put this file in the folder.

Just Drag and drop the selected MP3 files onto the GUI and it will create shortcuts in the folder it was executed from.

I dont use FARR, so feedback/suggestions/bugs welcome.

Hint* create a ICON for this so I can include.


PS. will work on dropping a folder, auto syncing, etc. but getting late. are we on the right track.

sorry I'm not around my computer today to test it, looks like it's on the right track.  I'll try it tonight and let you know what I find.  Thanks.


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