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Is there a hardware kit to move an armature on a 2d grid?


What i'm looking for is a hardware kit/device which can do basically what an etch-a-sketch does but can be controlled via a raspberry pi.
That is, it's a flat device which can move an "arm" around a 2d grid:

My idea is to put a magnet on the arm endpoint, then a piece of glass on top, and be able to move around a magnetic "bug" as a cat toy.

Anyone know of such a kit?  Or someone willing to build one with motors that could be hooked up to a raspberry pi?

Ha!  8)

While jumping from vid to vid, I saw this  :D

a cat toy
-mouser (July 08, 2016, 11:15 AM)
--- End quote ---
1) Attach Etch-A-Sketch to bungee cord
2) Attach bungee cord to door knob


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