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Learn to type by playing this beautiful game: Epistory – Typing Chronicles


From RockPaperShotgun:

To recap the basics, you’re a girl riding a fox around an origami/papercraft style world. In order to defeat enemies, open up pathways and generally interact with the environment you go into typing mode by pressing space and then type the letters of the words hovering over an object. Enemies will generally have multiple words you need to get through in order to defeat them before they reach you but you can do cool things to slightly alter how that works. It was so interesting to see the developers exploit the relative frequency and familiarity of words to build that sense of challenge. My fingers are so used to typing most of what’s offered up for the smaller enemy challenges that I only make mistakes through lazy fingering*. When it comes to words totally outside day to day usage I get finger panic reminiscent of learning a new enemy fight pattern in a different game.
--- End quote ---

That looks pretty amazing...but...has to be said...

It brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "Keyboard Warrior"  ;D


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