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Ransomware - stopping it before it encrypts


while looking for a program that will stop ransomware from doing its dirtywork.  Or at least notify when it does find something.  I stumbled across this program CryptoMonitor

Has anyone used this or a similar program?


Here's a bit of reading for you :-)
Be prepared against ransomware viruses..

alothough there's not many recommendations there - try from this post onwards:
I have the paid version of cryptoprevent
-holt (April 25, 2016, 12:56 AM)
--- End quote ---

thanks for the link to the thread about it.  I must have missed this thread when I logged into my account.

FWIW I bought WinAntiRansom Plus a while back when on offer.
It does block and ask permission for things to run.
You can add up to 10 'Safe-zone folders'.
how good it is, I have no idea


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