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Source & Procedure to download more Clipart Objects?

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Hello Mouser!

Screenshot Captor's Tip indicate that in order to download & use more Clipart Objects, one has to pay a visit to this Site.

So please guide that where exactly are the additional Clipart Objects located & the subsequent procedure to bring those within the ambit of Screenshot captor?

Lastly, Please refer to the enclosed latest development. Do you think the time is ripe to replace Clipart Objects with Emojis? Do you have any plans to integrate the use of Emojis for Screenshot Captor?

Guidance & Inputs will be sincerely appreciated.
Best regards from the National Capital---New Delhi

Hello Mouser!

Iam still awaiting the relevant answers in this regard. Please suggest on how to download 'More' Clipboard Objects to be put to use within SC?

I somehow missed this thread until now :(

It's very easy to add new clipart images to Screenshot Captor, just copy any clipart images you want to make available to Screenshot Captor's clipart feature into a subdirectory of "C:\Program Files (x86)\ScreenshotCaptor\Clipart\" or "C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\DonationCoder\ScreenshotCaptor\MyClipart\".

Hello Mouser!

Thanks for your reply & apologies for my delayed acknowledgement. What is wish to ask is -- that does there exist a repository on your Website to download even more Clip-art objects?

Please also refer to the Original post. Do you plan to introduce 'emojis' for Screenshot captor?

If you are looking for an emoji set you can add as clipart objects, here is one that I found:


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