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Somebody actually made an Ikea furniture building simulator game

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I have not words...  :huh:

Höme Improvisåtion
The world's most fun & accurate cooperative furniture assembly experience! There was a problem printing the instruction manuals so you will have to figure out how the furniture goes together.

Home Improvisation is a game about building crazy modular furniture. It is playable solo or with up to 4 friends working together. You can try to build the furniture correctly, or you can make new and terrifying furniture creations. The choice is yours!

--- End quote ---

from a blog post of games I've never heard of

Looks like an April Fool's joke, but then again, so did Goat Simulator.

Funny stuff. :)

Ha! I parsed the subject as related to the physical structure of the store building, not the assembly of the software. So I thought the idea would be to build a twisting maze of walkways, each labelled with non-readable text.

Stoic Joker:
^MC Escher would be proud..

Found this hilarious multi-player game play video:


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