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I need help shopping for mesh!


Hi, y'all!

Some time ago I posted here about a computer game called Fungus.

Well, now I'm trying to create a regular board game out of the idea.
Instead of "tetris-like" pieces I'm going to use tiles - you would roll the dice and get that many tiles to place on the board.
So I found these tiles which are around $10 for around 800 pieces - perfect!  They are only 8mm square (that's about 5/16" - just under 3/8"), so they won't take up too much space on the board.
I'm thinking of a 30x30 grid.

But here's where I need help.
When I lay out the pieces on the board, I need some sort of grid to hold the tiles in place so they don't slide - you know, kind of like on the super-scrabble boards - or in Blokkus.

The tiles are 8mm, so the holds need to be big enough so the tiles can be easily placed and removed by hand from the grid.

Here is a very nice brass mesh that would be perfect if it had the right size holes!  Here is a steel one, again the wrong size.  This one is copper, but it is woven, which would make it more difficult to handle the tiles.

I'm going to make the gameboard out of oak or walnut (and carve little mushrooms on the borders), so a brass grid would look lovely.  But if it was just steel then I could always spray-paint it gold or brass.

I just need help finding the grid!  I've googled for grid, mesh, screen.

Can you all help me find a mesh that will work?

Okay, so I found this, which has 10mm holes, but it's a bit thick.

Well, I ended up making the grid myself using clear silicon on a wood panel.  Tedious, but it works like a charm.



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