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best portable device to read pdf and research web

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I am looking for the best portable device to read pdf and browse the web, ie. do academic research

most e-readers are horrible, but I encountered the Sony Digital Paper system! it seems amazing

but I won't be able to browse the web with it

any ideas?


DC member ewemoa also bought one of those sony digital paper systems and started a thread about it here:

From slashdot today, a 13.3 inch e-ink ebook reader:
-mouser (March 19, 2016, 01:14 PM)
--- End quote ---

If you're interested in large e-readers, the Onyx Max might be worth considering:

I'm a step a way from ordering one -- highly recommend checking out the content of that thread.

On a side note, if interested in the one with the campaign, looking at pages 18 through 20 or so of the aforementioned thread could be of interest.

Ah, also, IIUC, one of the participating members of that thread may be posting a review of a preview unit before long.  I'm not confident but I think the person runs:

FWIW, here's that review:


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