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Problem with dragging and dropping files from FARR window into Outlook

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Thanks for the prompt responses!

Yes, as of now, nothing can be dragged from FARR into an open Outlook message window.
Also, I think, everything can be dragged from FARR into a windows explorer window, and everything can be dragged from an explorer window to an open Outlook message window.

Funny thing is, I seem to remember that perhaps FARR drag to Outlook message was working intermittently a while ago (i.e., immediately after setting up the new machine). Not certain, though. If so -- a possibility  is that maybe one of the forced (Win 10, after all) Office updates broke this functionality?

Incidentally, I have Teracopy installed on my machine. That couldn't cause a problem, could it?

Anyway, I do hope you can help figure this out.

Waitingl... and thanks again.

Let me do some tests, and see if something jumps out at me in the way i'm doing drag+drop -- as i said i do have a faint memory of an issue that should be easy to check for.
I may email you a test version to try.

Great, thanks!

Question: Can i confirm that the problem happens regardless of whether you are using the TinyEv plugin to find files, or normal farr search (or in fact farr direct directory listing)?

It's happening on any kind of search, even a normal FARR's like FARR and Outlook have developed an allergy to each other ;D


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