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German version


Hi mouser

I think there are many users who don't speak English well, so if you plan to make a German version, I would be glad to help you.

thanks jeutix - actually after long last i am proud to say i have begun localizing the programs.
url was first program to be localized, and although it is a bit of work to do, i understand the procedure and i will be doing it for the rest of the programs.

If it gets to German, you can count me in, would be glad to help.

@jeutix: especially German will be interesting because most expressions are a lot longer than in english. I saw that in the XnView localisation. Rather funny to search for suitable translations that aren't truncated.

Any news about that? I am very interested in a german version!

There are so many German users of Screenshot Captor (i'm not sure why but I attribute it to their good judgement); Germany certainly deserves a localized version.  It's not out of the question, it's just not at the top of my priority list at the moment.. Perhaps when I get a nudge from Angela Merkel that she is ready to deploy Screenshot Captor throughout all government offices :)


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