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liquid on keyboard



I poured diet coke on my lenovo yoga and now tapping the touchpad doesn't click and double finger scrolling doesn't work

is there a fix or I destroyed it and I need to buy another?


Have had some success, if you let it dry before turning it on. Drying means battery off, unplugged and not turning it on for at least one day and if possible putting it in a bag of uncooked rice. After that you will have to see if it turns on or works well.

Better to open the case, use paper towels/toilet paper to soak up as much liquid as you can from all electronics and plastic parts that easily stick together. Sugar and Aspertan aren't friendly for circuitry. After he soaking up part leave the device open and air-dry the device. Use a fan, but never ever a hair-dryer or any other device that blows heat and air. If you decide to use a fan, 'tornado'-mode is not necessary, just a slow and steady stream of air.

Still it would be best to wait a day before you re-assemble the device again. The above is the pound of cure. The ounce of prevention would be the discipline to not use beverages near electronic equipment.

If the problem is only the touchpad and the suggestions for cleaning and drying it don't succeed, it's probably not too difficult to replace the touchpad.  Your device might be similar to this one:


A simple set of searches can almost surely find instructions for your exact model and a replacement part. eBay is jammed with parts for computers - just be careful that you're getting the part for the exact model of laptop.  And only go this route if the clean/dry method doesn't succeed.

There's a good chance your touchpad is ruined.

However, the more serious problem is the stuff in your drink. As Shades mentioned, that stuff is not friendly towards electronics. It can corride certain components.  That all needs to be cleaned out as soon as can be managed before more harm gets done. That would mean cracking the case, which can be a bit of a pain to do if you haven't done it before - or don't have acces to the "take apart" instructions or the real service manual even if you do. So when in doubt, have a service tech take care of it.



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