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Screenshots are delayed upon pressing 'Print Screen'

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 :(  Sadly I tried your suggestions and even changed the hotkey to F5 and the delay remains on all snapshots taken.  I'm simply at a loss here...

Changing the hotkey to F5 will prove to be very uncomfortable, as many applications use that for the Refresh/Reload hotkey..., a Windows standard :o

Thanks but I only changed the hotkey to see if that would solve my delay problem...and it didn't.

I was trying to suggest testing with something else than F5, as that may cause a delay itself, because it is probably in use by the majority of applications :huh: Adding at least a ctrl/alt/shift modifier could help, but I'd still avoid F5 with any of these, Shift-PrtScr would be my first choice.

I have tried other hotkeys with the same results.


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