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OSX - Replace Finder as default file browser?


I was wondering if there is a way in OSX to replace the default finder with another file manager (Commander One, Free Commander, etc.)? DirectoryOpus has a similar function in Windows in which it intercepts OS calls for explorer and instead launches the Opus executable with associated command line arguments. Any ideas?

I used TotalFinder when I was using OSX.  There's also Path Finder, XtraFinder, and CRAX Commander, though I've never used them.  The largest impediment to Finder replacements (especially today) is System Integrity Protection.  I posted about this a while ago.  With that there, Finder replacement could be more of a dying breed than it was before.

I also used Default Folder X, and Forklift, but I don't really consider those Finder replacements (though some do).

I'm not an Apple user, but I'd think something like that, which would completely replace the look and feel, would be something that Apple would fight very hard to make sure would be very difficult to accomplish seeing how much their UI is tied so closely to their brand name and image.


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