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sort and filter


I am looking for a way to sort and filter items in a spreadsheet or maybe in a database.  What I am wanting to do is keep track of songs sung in church, how many times it was sung and what date(s) they were sung.  I will have a date in a row with the songs under it.  Then 7 days later will be another list of songs under the date.  Maybe something like this:

Jan 1
song a
song b
song c
song a
song d
song e
song c
and so on

now I can do this in a pivot table function in Excel 2010.  But I do not know how to keep jan1 and jan8 from showing.  Then I would have to delete those rows.

I am not familiar with databases at all.  I am looking for suggestions how I can make this work easliy.



split it into 2 columns, ie DATE | SONG, then your pivot should be able to show the dates across the top, and songs down the left (use a count function)


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