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Agnitum (makers of Outpost Firewall and AV) has been acquired by Yandex

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I no longer actively use Outpost Security Suite, but from other posts on DC I think there are probably quite a few around here who might be using it.

It appears that about a month ago it was announced that Agnitum has been acquired by Yandex, a large Russian Internet company (described sometimes as the "Russian Google"). As far as I know, there haven't been any clear announcement about what this might mean for the future of Outpost firewall, anti-virus, or security suite software.

Some forum threads from


Thanks for the info!

a little funny to realize I briefly was using Yandex 20+ years ago! Back then it was called Arkadia.


Yandex's roots trace back to 1990, when Arkady Volozh and Arkady Borkovsky founded the company Arkadia, which developed MS-DOS software for use in patents and goods classification. Their software featured a full-text search with Russian morphology support. In 1993 Arkadia became a subdivision of Comptek International, another company founded by Volozh in 1989. In 1993-1996 the company continued developing its search technologies and released software for searching through the Bible and Russian classical literature.[15]

In 1993 Arkady Volozh and Ilya Segalovich, friends since their school days and by then working together to develop search software,[16] invented the word "Yandex" to describe their search technologies. The name initially stood for "Yet Another iNDEXer".[17] The Russian word "Я" ("Ya") corresponds to the English personal pronoun "I", making "Яndex" a bilingual pun on "index". Another pun is based on the yin and yang contrast (Russian: инь - индекс, ян - яндекс).

The search engine was launched on September 23, 1997 and was ... on Yandex
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It will be interesting to see if Outpost will continue, or if it is too small a business for Yandex' big shoes.

Please read Agnitum blog:
To ensure further security of your computer, we encourage you to make use of a special offer. We offer all active Outpost license holders to exchange their Outpost licenses for Kaspersky Internet Security licenses free of charge. The migration offer is time limited. Visit the dedicated page to learn more about the migration program and exchange your license for free until January 31, 2016.
--- End quote ---

Here you can exchange your license:

Big disappointment on my part.

I really like Outpost but it is soon to become toast along with my 6 licenses.

I have no interest in Kaspersky. :(


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