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Time shift...

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I fear there may be a time vortex manifesting itself in my tray...

Time shift...

Time shift...

I've been running version 2.3.2 build 151 for awhile now. In the off chance that Professor Brown's flux capacitor hasn't really bollixed things up, I'll just try out the latest download and see if that helps.

You didn't specify the northern or southern hemisphere...that equator thingie really makes time behave differently :P

Of course you're right - I'm in the northern hemisphere, yet I had my head tilted to the left when I checked. Drat!

Correcting the alignment fixed it. That, plus upgrading to 2.4.0 build 384.  :P

basically, your T-Clock was stuck at "Sunday" all the time? And it wasn't hard-coded in your format string?

It was stuck at Sunday since that specific Sunday (the 20th) until I pulled in the newer release. Otherwise I had not noticed anything at all odd. Format string is:

HH:nn:ss  POSIX\ndddd, mmmm d, yyyy


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