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restart switch

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They are Netgear Business Switches.  JGS524 and JGS524PE. These switches

not sure I understand you skwire.  but that's ok.  4wd, I hadn't thought of the low tech solutions, but that will be hard to do when they are plugged into a battery backup.

I do not have to restart them real often but they are scattered through out the building and didn't want to walk all over.  Some are quite high on the wall as well.
-techidave (December 20, 2015, 10:13 PM)
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If you are having difficulties with that kind of professional switches, you have, IMHO, 3 options:

* Send a complaint to the supplier
* Upgrade the firmware to the latest available
* Improve the cooling/airflow of the unitRestarting at irregular intervals is about the last option I'd consider :down:

In some places I will have as many as 4 switches plugged into the UPS.  certainly not ideal, but the building was wired long before I went onboard.

The battery backups are there to protect them from power flickers and short power outages.  Most of the time, the power is out 1 to 2 hours.  Occasionally, which is not very often, the switches will need to be restarted after such an event.  While these switches are not 100% smart switches yet they are not dumb switches either.  They do take a little longer to boot than my totally dumb switches do. 

the power situation with the electric company has improved but it is not where I would like for it to be.  Cannot do much about that.


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