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LibreOffice Online with ownCloud integration


Interesting project. On it is summarised as a virtual machine that brings LibreOffice Online and ownCloud server together. Excerpt from Collabora's press release:

Collabora, the architects of LibreOffice Online, are proud to announce the release of CODE (Collabora Online Development Edition), a distribution of LibreOffice Online and ownCloud Server. The purpose of CODE is to give interested developers from any field an easy way to get early access to the very latest untested feature additions and updates to LibreOffice Online, in order to enable them to develop, test, and contribute.

This release also marks the start of a partnership between Collabora and ownCloud, the company behind the world’s most popular open source enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) software. The partnership will deliver a combined commercial solution during 2016, based on an integration between Collabora CloudSuite – a trio of Online, Mobile and Desktop office productivity combined with ownCloud Server.

--- End quote ---

Download link: CODE


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