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Gamma Bros, the best retro galaxian/robotron flash shootup game ive played

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The screens look nifty - it's not too often you see hand-crafted pixel graphics in these days of 3D acceleration and geometric flash games.  :-*

Whoa, time flies (and I suck ;)):

score: 1311600
accuracy: 34%
enemy kills: 908/1088
total coins: 609
total gems: 12
timer: 1151 seconds

Sorry f0dder... not taking the bait on this one.

Sorry f0dder... not taking the bait on this one.
-Rover (July 03, 2006, 06:24 PM)
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It got pretty damn difficult once those mega-beam ships appeared out of nowhere, and I lost my first ship (not the little guy, though). But it gets even worse later on >_<

I emailed rich:

does gamma bros. have an ending?
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his answer:

> yeah, theres an ending!  a good one, too...
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