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request file association notify accept or deny change

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apologies if this already exists, i'm just tired of programs changing associations without my notice or consent.  thank you for your time

WinPatrol keeps an eye on this:
Managing File Types & Associations

WinPatrol will monitor registered file types and alert you if a change has occurred. There are two useful reasons to monitor file types.

    A malicious program may modified standard types causing you to run dangerous program when you perform normally safe operations. Many virus programs, for example, have been known to change the action taken when a user clicks on an .EXE file.
    A new legitimate program may reassign file association of file types without your permission. The result: instead of your preferred media program opening, another media program opens instead to view media files. For example, if you quickly install a new photo program it may re-assign the program association for your JPG and GIF files without your permission. WinPatrol will alert you and allow you to change back to your original program association.

WinPatrol allows you to view information about file types and if required restore them to their previous association.
--- End quote ---

it also seems to do lots of other things. i would rather avoid bloat if possible thank you though

FWIW it's very minimal in terms of resource usage --
currently @ 9MB memory use, and at times it goes *up* to >0.01 CPU (mostly it's not using any).

In everyday use, the only messages I get would be as per your request, and/or if an app puts itself in start-with-Windows.
I mostly dont use the rest of it's capabilities, but it can be helpful in tracking down malware etc.

They still have a free version, but it's not clear to me if it will do what you want.

hmm i changed association as a test, and winpatrol did nothing?


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