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ScreenShot Captor v13 - Paste into Text Box?

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Hello everyone,
I just installed SSC in hopes that text can be copy/pasted into its Text box after a screen capture. Copying some text into the clipboard from something else then R-Clicking inside the SSC Text box resulted in no pull-down options at all, which would normally include Paste. So that was a dead end. I then tried the "Create Image Caption" and in the box in the pop-up window, I deleted what was in there by default and I was able to Paste the text into it and the result was the text I want in a caption box. I then was able to resize that box and move it to where it's needed.

The text editing tools look identical for both the Text box and the Create Image Caption box. Is it possible to paste into a text box and I'm simply doing it wrong?

Also, although I select for a white background in both of them, I do get the white background when editing in the boxes, but once I click out of then the background becomes clear/transparent. Sliding the Transparency slider to min. or max. makes no difference. Other background colors do take effect but not white. Am I doing something wrong?


Welcome, BretMan

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BretMan, You should be able to paste into a text box with Ctrl+V without any difficulty.  There is no right-click paste menu, but Ctrl+V should work.
If it's a text box that you previously created you may need to double-click on it first to activate the text editing, which should be indicated with a flashing cursor.

Hey!  Had a major crash a couple days ago!  Is it possible to retrieve my unlock code?

Bruce Gray


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