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how to use 'g' instead of 'search'?



I am a lazy user who want to minimise typing.
I find myself tying 'search' too long, in firefox all I do is for example : g (google search) $$1 (search terms) and done.
I have multiple search engines set like this and I want FARR to do the same.

I have set alias like this but it is not working.. (Copied from original search alias)
how to use 'g' instead of 'search'?

when I type 'g', 'google: $$1' indeed appears but when I then put any search terms i.e. g food
All I get is : "Hello there. Because there were no results, hitting enter to 'trigger' your search has no effect."
I can also see that when I just enter g, google appears with $$1 searched.

Also I wish to open FARR with hotkey win + space but error code appears that I cannot use this key.
Why is this?

Sorry for noob question and many thanks in advance.

You almost got it right, now just change the "Regular Expression" for that alias to: ^g (.*)

Win+Space may be reserved by windows..

It works now..
Fantastic program,
Thank you developer.

Happy to help -- I'm glad the program is useful to you  :up:

Can you kindly add support for korean/Japanese language please?

For now, when I type search 'korean text'
--- End quote ---
That korean text part is unrecognised by the firefox/chrome.

If possible I would like to volunteer for interface translation too.

Many thanks in advance.


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