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AVG Antivirus Plans to Collect & Sell Your Personal Data to Advertisers?

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I've said it before, and I'll repeat ad nauseam: just stick with Microsoft's anti-malware.

Mouser, this story is mentioned three times one after another on
-panzer (September 21, 2015, 02:42 PM)
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thanks for the heads up -- fixed.

The problem with Microsoft's anti-malware efforts is that it only alerts on detection of cracks and keygens while blissfully letting evil through.

Other than OS upgrades, when was the last time you saw the MSE *engine* upgraded (not signatures)?

Other than OS upgrades, when was the last time you saw the MSE *engine* upgraded (not signatures)?-Innuendo (September 21, 2015, 08:41 PM)
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Not needed to protect against the stuff regular users get hit with.

The really nasty stuff will never be discovered by anti-malware, but then again, those shouldn't be a worry to you unless you're into international terrorism, or are setting up the next Silk Road :)

Stoic Joker:
I'm with f0dder on this one. Hay, we all know what the real game is...and that the players at that level will never get caught with/by anything we can get access to. So it's really just a game of cost, and MSE has the lowest "cost" (time/resources/money) to do ~85% of the job. The next 10% requires payment of a massive resource (waste) usage much time and money dealing with licensing, FP's and a whole host of other pointless shenanigans. The last 5% is at a level we can't even dream of touching ... So why keep getting sheeple-ly sucked into a game that can't be won.

Because Ultratastic AV or not, it always comes down to a dialog box that says Ok/Cancel ... And you either choose wisely at that point, or you don't.


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